Write For Us

Yes, you can do it. We are always open to great ideas and new authors for our website. If you have a relevant idea for our readers, then we want to hear it.

What we are looking for

We only accept original content which is not previously published on any other website. While giving us an idea, it will be better if you pitch a short outline about the topic and why it matters for our readers. The more refined your outline is, the better the chance of approval. Once your topic is accepted, you can work on the guest article. Before working on an article, have a look at our article requirements.

Writing Guidelines

  1. The article should have relevant statements and references if any facts/figures are provided.
  2. The article should not include any irrelevant links. Whereas, the editor has the right to edit or remove any link which is not necessary.
  3. The article should ideally be 800-1200 words long. However, if the topic needs more clarification, the word length could exceed the limit but should not be less than 800 words.
  4. Our readers are well aware of the problem, therefore, instead of prolonging the introduction, focus on the solution.
  5. There should be a well-balanced style. This means the article should not be congested with words only instead it should include images, bullet points, and numbered list.


You can submit your ideas at zehra@vpnthebest.com.